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Wow!  Before I respond to your falsified slander of a story with the actual facts, I would first like to say that you are the first customer since we have been in business (for over 7 years) to leave us anything other than a 5-star review. In this day and age of entitlement with no reprimand, this should help put some perspective into this completely made-up turn of events you have written about us in hopes of slandering our business. And based on your Google Profile collection of 1-star reviews you have left for a multitude of other businesses I can only imagine how many of those others are fabricated as well. One difference though is I am not going to allow anyone to slander our business with falsified information especially when it literally goes against everything we are about. I can say with complete confidence and conviction that there is no dealer in the United States that does as much as Car-Sign-Mint to ensure every single vehicle we help a customer get, is in the absolute best condition possible while still offering them at exceptionally fair pricing. Our whole business model is built around quality and our reputation so your plan to sabotage that with a falsified turn of events will have no effect on us because evil never wins. I would also like to say that I am sorry to hear that your vehicle is having an issue (if that is even really the case as I am completely skeptical based on the other falsified parts of your review). It is common for anyone to not believe someone's story when they know the person telling it has already been untruthful.  If this part is true, I will say unfortunately, this is the first time I am hearing of it. I’m guessing because you were too embarrassed to reach out to us after being extremely rude to us over the phone when we were trying to assist you with what really took place with your key. We encourage every customer that we help get a vehicle to call us in the event of any issues as we will always do everything possible to save you the most amount of money and time to help correct an issue if we can. Even though we do everything completely possible to ensure every single vehicle we offer is in the best condition possible, we have been doing this long enough to understand that things out of our control can happen. So we always encourage every customer, whether they buy from us, or someone else, to purchase an extended warranty to protect their investment The warranties we offer are full factory protection and we offer these at a fraction of the cost of a factory dealer. This was no different for you and YOU choose to decline that coverage. I will recommend that you take a look to make sure your A/C button is pressed. As ridiculous as this may sound, it is actually extremely common and more than likely could be why your air is blowing hot. Even though you bashed us on the review, I truly hope this does help you out as we are actually good people at Car-Sign-Mint and that will never change. 


Now in direct response to your story with the 100% truth and facts. You purchased a Volvo XC60 from us in literally like new condition for over 3 thousand dollars below its actual market value. We did only have one key at the time (which is very common when purchasing a used vehicle) but you wanted a second key….no problem. We agreed to add a key at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, the Volvo key could only be made at a factory dealer. So rather than us telling you where you had to go to get it, we politely asked you which dealership you would like to go to and we would arrange it. You choose Volvo of Mobile. We have never done any dealings with them prior and after this experience will definitely never do business with them again. But, not knowing this dealership, we said no problem. Literally, the very next day after you purchased the vehicle from us, I personally called Volvo of Mobile and arranged that they had a key in stock for you so when you would go it would be ready and we would pay for the key after you got it. The gentlemen I spoke to at this dealership said that would be no problem, they did have one on hold for you, and the total cost for the key and programming would be $316. After hanging up with the dealership I immediately called your husband to tell him I had arranged it so you could go in and get the key and we would take care of everything for you. He asked when he had to go and I simply said for him to call and arrange the date and time that was the most convenient for you as it didn’t matter since they had it on hold for you. He politely thanked me and that was it until I received a call about 2 to 3 weeks later from your husband stating he was at Volvo of Mobile and they were acting like they didn’t know anything about it. Please keep in mind that I had no idea you were going that day as you did not give me a call in advance to let me know that the appointment was made for this day. This really should have not been an issue at all but after your review I feel is necessary to add that note. I asked your husband at that time if he had called and set the appointment with Vovlo of Mobile prior to arriving. He said yes, and it sounded as though he had spoken to the same person I did when I called, as this Volvo employee was familiar with the whole situation. Ironically now, once you’re there for the said set appointment, the dealership had no idea who this person either of us was referring to and couldn’t locate him…??? I have been in the industry for over 20 years and this is a huge red flag. In any case, this still would be no issue whatsoever for any normal dealership and for you the customer since they had a key still there to be made. I asked to speak to the person that was helping you at the dealership so I could reexplain the situation and make sure you were taken care of and to tell them once again that our dealership was going to be paying for the key and to give us a call when it was complete so we could complete the transaction. During my explanation to her (Volvo employee) about the situation, I mentioned the gentleman had quoted me the price of $316. She immediately caught an attitude over the phone and said that wasn’t the price and that they had to program the key and it was going to total over $600 with programming. Please keep in mind this is absolutely ridiculous and I have personally had several keys purchased and programmed for a variety of make/model vehicles and it has NEVER cost $300 to program a key. No key in the world costs over $300 to program and the whole process to program any key may take at most 15 minutes. So needless to say, when she explained this to me I was shocked and totally caught off guard as the total price I was quoted was half the cost of what she was saying, Also the fact that I know how keys are made and programmed from being in the industry for my entire adult life this doubling of the quoted price made no sense. After having her (unsuccessfully) try to explain why the key was now double the price I had originally arranged with them, I asked her to have the gentleman that I had originally spoken to about the situation to please give me a call back so we could get everything straight. She sounded reluctant but said  I will have him call you back. I provided all of our dealership's information to her and I was expecting a call back within a few minutes after that conversation. After hanging up the phone I went back to my busy day as normal. I didn’t think much of it at the time, especially since I am always tremendously busy. I figured they were probably busy as well and would just call when the gentleman had time and could complete the transaction. It wasn’t for another 2 and half hours until I received a call back from your husband stating the dealership had just finished and I needed to pay. I believe my first response was “Ya’ll are still there?” as I couldn’t believe they took 2 and a half hours to get you a key. Needless to say, I then told your husband the lady was supposed to have the gentleman call me back and I had still not yet received a call and thought you had already left. It never crossed my mind (after multiple conversations with this dealership) that they wouldn’t allow you to leave, as I agreed numerous times to pay them. This is also a common scenario between dealerships agreeing to pay for services for their customers where our dealership can’t assist them. I asked him to please have them call me so I can pay for the service. I then hung up with your husband and received a call back from the female employee (whom I had spoken to earlier and that had agreed to have the gentleman I spoke with on the original key order date). I asked her if she spoke with the gentleman I had originally spoken to prior to the customer visiting, and she acted dumb and said she didn’t know whom I was talking about as if we never had any prior conversation. This was absolutely absurd and I definitely had a right to be annoyed at this time, but being the actual professional I am I asked her to please allow you, the customer, to leave and I am prepared to pay once again as soon as we can get everything straightened out. It is also important to note that I also offered to leave them my card number as well so there was no doubt we were going to pay. Once again, any professional dealership, based on the circumstances, would have had no issues with this. We, as a dealership, have done this numerous times in the past with other customer situations as well with ease. They were simply refusing to give you the key prior to us completing the transaction for no real reason other than being inconsiderate. The reason I didn’t want to pay immediately is that this dealership was literally charging double the quoted price and being unethical in their practices. Now since you weren’t paying, I understand you could have cared less, but literally 99.9% of customers would have empathy with the situation especially when you also consider the fact that your husband had also spoken to the original gentleman I had set up ordering the key with. But you obviously had none. I honestly wonder after reading your review, if you were the one paying, how would you have reacted? I think anyone who read this review or any of your other reviews knows the answer to that hypothetical scenario especially when they continue to finish reading the true events that unfolded. After trying to continue to plead my case to the lady over the phone about adjusting the price to the original quote (with no luck) I finally said no problem, I would pay the ridiculous amount but wanted to be set up with a dealer account so I didn’t pay the taxes. YES, you see dealerships don’t pay taxes for services that are rendered for reconditioning on the vehicles. This is also a common and completely normal situation. I originally had no intention of setting this up with the dealership at the time of my original conversation because I didn’t plan on doing any additional business with them and the original amount was not worth the process of getting set up to do it. However, after the dealership had basically lied to us and was unethical with a bait and switch tactic on me by doubling the price, it became a principal for us as we only operate on 100% integrity with everything we do. Once again, your husband based on his own words, had spoken to the same person I did prior to ya’ll visiting. So he should have been on the same understanding that I was. Let me also add some time frame for context for anyone who is still reading this. For reference, it had only been maybe 3 to 5 minutes since I received the callback from the customer saying the dealership had finally got their key ready to me hanging back up with the lady that was helping them and telling her I wanted to set up our dealership on the account so we wouldn’t incur the tax for this extra key repair. Literally, only 5 minutes. I got off the phone with her after she said she would have to get the manager to get it set up. Within seconds of hanging up with her, literally only 5 minutes from the time your husband had called me, (but literally a whole 2 and half hours later of you arriving), I received a call back from you, “Amanda Tiblier,” screaming and acting belligerent to me over the phone demanding I pay them immediately because “I” was causing you to be late for a doctor’s appointment. I was literally shocked and thinking to myself  “What kind of person would act like this?!” I’m not going to lie, I had to bite my tongue, but being the professional I am I did my best to politely remind you that I had been trying to pay and get the dealership to allow you to leave from the moment I spoke to the Volvo lady. I also reminded you that YOU set the appointment on this date knowing you had other engagements, not me, and it was VOLVO of MOBILE that had kept you there for 2 and half hours for a job that should have lasted 15 minutes, none of which had anything to do with us. I also explained the situation to you about them charging us double and that was the reason I needed to get things straight and that I was y pleading with them to still allow you to leave, and your response, which you loudly SCREAMED through the phone, was “I DON’T CARE and YOU BETTER PAY”. At this time the service manager, (who should have called me back 2 and half hours earlier) probably couldn’t help to hear your obnoxious yelling (along with probably everyone else in the dealership) and decided to come over and have you put the phone on speaker and started to explain to me over your phone that he was now just going to subtract the taxes from the overpriced key they were charging me rather than having to set up the account, so you could essentially get out of there without causing any more of a chaotic scene from something essentially so irrelevant and not serious. I remember after finally hanging up with you, feeling dismayed but also sorry for you, as I could never understand how a grown adult could act in this manner. This is 100% the factual story of what took place. Our dealership records all calls that are facilitated to us and I am now going to make this conversation available to any person that wants to hear how AMANDA TIBLIER actually is. You have tried to slander our dealership with a completely fabricated story and now anyone that doesn’t know you can actually see what type of person you really are. Anyone that does know you probably does not need to hear this conversation as there is no doubt, they are already aware and this story would be of no surprise to them. We will continue to grow our dealership the same way since the day we opened, and that is always by doing the right thing 100% of the time. We hope this will at least help you think twice before fabricating another story against any other business. Unfortunately, this warning didn’t come soon enough based on your proud collection (probably fabricated as well) of Google 1-star reviews you have left for probably every business that has come in contact with you.  All the best.

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